your words have moved me to an unfamiliar space
somehow a reassured confident woman is now nervous….
I’m not sure how to occupy this brand new place

scared, butterflies, fear of the unknown
isn’t that how you put it the other day?

20 something year old black man – why is it hard being grown?

never knew that the thought of the big day
would make you feel the opposite of me
invoking fear of flight – that’s what you say

i placed you on a pedestal, that no other man has been
confident that my prince charming never knew the meaning of cold feet
but one moment of honesty, much to my chagrin

i see you strong, tall, large, grand
commanding, deep voice, intense gaze
big hands

nervous of what, making a happily ever after come true?
scared of obeying God’s command?

i didn’t know whether i should cry or write
should I be happy your honest, should I run for cover
take flight?

i write the happy things, the love things,
never been inspired much by tears
guess there’s a first time for everything
even if hasn’t happened in years…

you’re just man
i put my confidence in Christ

just give me a chance to heal
just as you prayed for us last night

you held my hand, kissed my fingers
asked God to reveal to me you’re only human.
you’re just scared about changing my life forever
Making sure we are a success, not ending in ruin…

but a part of me you changed last night
i just need a bit of time
to adjust to seeing you in a different light

a man
pure and simple
capable of making a mistake

a man
young and single
nervous about the future
confident in his love for me