Its the beginning of the month…and I guess I should sit down and budget.
Well – the SPBFF, Lil’ D (she’s really small yall, like NO joke) made this wonderful Excel spreadsheet that I’m officially obsessed with called the Monthly Grind. I use her RELIGIOUSLY. Someone actually suggested me using another sheet just for comparison sake….I think gasped – then promptly asked them to leave my presence.
The FOLLY of it all!
Anywho…I did my “projected” budget for the next 6 months. But of course, each month is different and I gotta add the “new” things.
#1 It’s Momma Bear’s birthday and my parents anniversary. Which means gifts. Especially for my mom…who is off the chain and will pimp slap you, if you dare enter her house without bearing gifts during any major holiday. She mentioned she wanted a gold watch…whatever that means.
#2 It’s time to put a airfare deposit down on our Jamaica vacation for May 2009. T’s homie is getting married…he’s the best man – I’m COMINGwith! lol.
#3 I got stranded in the airport for work related training and got a day of OT for my trouble – so I have to add that in
#4 My car got refinanced since my “I just graduated from college so give me a car” program ended and I had to use my regular credit score apr instead of my wonderfully cheap 3.2% APR. I get a month off my car payment, which means an extra $375!

Yeah…so I gotta rework some things – add a few buckaroos here and there and make subtractions in other areas.

I use the Dave Ramsey principles, only sorta halfway. I budget to zero – every month. I think now with my new housing goal, I need to make another savings account for my down payment. Grrr….this is requiring too much reworking.

PERHAPS I should scrap my previous budget and try try try again.

I’ll save that for tomorrow. Its time for bed 🙂