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Thank You…

This collection of moments includes the ups and downs of love up to this point in my life.
but Saturday
Saturday, August 23, 2008 changed everything…
When I tell you that love has completely surprised me, know that I’m telling the truth
Everything that I ever believed about love…
BLACK love
changed the day HE entered my life.
I used to think that you had to work really hard for love
that a man could never do something, just because….
well, maybe he could, but those days were few and far between.
I used to think that women’s ideas and goals
were so far from what a man wanted.
And now I know differently.
Now…I know that if you dream of someone who will appreciate and value you for who you really are,
God will send him to you.
It doesn’t matter how many Ishmael’s come – Issac is on his way.
I’m not acting like it did it all perfect.
God knows that I’ve made mistakes and spent too much time dwelling over ones that he didn’t have for me
but I think God for his GRACE and MERCY.
He allowed me to realize that I’m much too important of a person to settle for less than His best.
He showed me that I needed to focus on me.
Get my life in order.
Clean up my house.
Learn to love every piece of me.
He showed me that I’m not perfect and told me things I needed to work on.
He let me run away, only to realize that it all came BACK to HIM.
So, I thank God for showing me some things that I wasn’t able to see for myself.
And now He tells me to WRITE it.
To show other women
BLACK women
that if we LOVE ourselves and honor CHRIST – first and foremost
He can and he will give you what your heart desires.
So I’ve changed it all.
My opinions on love
and how it works…
There is a man who will treat you like a queen
and be on the SAME PAGE you are.
Even when I thought it was CRAZY that I KNEW he was my husband on our first date.
I fell in love with him that night at the movie theatre.
God intertwined our thoughts and our hearts both beat the same rhythm.
Some people said our romance was fast and we needed to slow it down…some people even laughed when I said, I found him.
I thought our pace would dissipate because of the naysayers and then you SILENCED them…
with a ring
and three simple words, Will you marry me?
I say three, even though I know it’s four because I SCREAMED, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !
before you could get that last word out.
God has blessed me tremendously.
Never did I understand his truly undying love for me
until he sent me


Hello blog world – its’ been a long time and a LOT has changed.

Remember that happy interruption that I thought would occur, Oh, I don’t know, NEXT YEAR??!??! Well, my sweetheart POPPED the question in front of all of my closest friends and family (and his closest friends and family) this past Saturday, August, 23, 2008!! Can you believe it?!?!

I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and love. He’s literally made me the happiest woman in all of the earth.

And also the craziest woman b/c now I’m planning a wedding for 13 months from now (tentative date of Sept 26, 2009)

So EVERYTHING has changed – including my financial goals.

My fiance (how cool is that to write) and I are paying for majority of the wedding ourselves, so we’re pushing the house to 2010 and focusing on the wedding for 2009. Our parents are helping, but approx. 65% of the cost is going to mostly fall on our shoulders.

We’re planning a wedding of 250 people, outdoors on a lake, elegant brunch reception and a second reception for the “younger folks” ha ha ha ha.

So this blog will now focus on the new financial goals of my life. Planning this wedding for under $30,000 (I think we can do it for $25,000 or less!); a vigorous new budget for savings, sticking to the budget, and stripping on the weekends to make ends meet. My fiance also said he doesn’t mind selling his body on 14th and K Street, Northwest DC, so I can have that chocolate fountain at the reception!!!!

I kid, I kid 🙂

So – the new goals are….

  1. save approx. $800/month (collectively)
  2. revive our home based business and collect MAJOR upfront money (which we will invest into our wedding)
  3. keep great records to reap our WONDERFUL tax benefits from our home based business.
  4. scout opportunities for extra windfall income
  5. set savings goals through smartypig and have them deducted from our checks.
  6. cut down on excessive spending
  7. maintain great credit
  8. if we do charge items, set aggressive goals to pay down within 1-3 months

I think we can do it and have something really great to be proud of in the end! I know God will bless our finances to do more than we ever could imagine. We’re both smart, successful, young professionals and we’re capable of living on a budget for 13 months to have a great wedding with little to no debt!

we can do it!!!!


How Cool is this!?!? – I encourage everyone to check it out – its an online program that allows you to set savings goals and it automatically ACH’s it out of your acct. I definitely need something like this to get a jump start on my future planning. Hmm – perhaps I should tell the boo and friends they should get one too 🙂

Housing Update…

(above pictured) me and boo – except my baby is lighter and 6 inches taller. But I look JUST like this skinny, great haired chick, LOL.
So the boo and I go to look the “Model” house I was swooning over in the earlier posts – he was NOT feeling it. At all.

First of all, he kept talking about his precious deck and how he wanted to be able to grill and invite people over (he’s such a man’s man). Then he started in the price – how could we put down $350,000 on a house with no deck?!?

I was feeling him (which is why I wanted to look out in areas that were further out). So I said, well, didn’t you only want to look in Alexandria, sweetie?

He responded with “NO! Let’s try Woodbridge, Fairfax, Southern Maryland, etc.” – I was EXCITED – now we can get some bang for our buck and give the traffic our best commuter faces!

It was a great “discussion” because we ironed a lot of things out. Mainly, that this is a huge investment for me and him and we’re committing to it for 10 years. This means, kids will be born there (are we SERIOUSLY having this talk?!? WOW SCARY!!!) We mentioned public school systems and how we may have to send our kids to private schools, depending on how strong we felt the education was in the area. BEYOND deep – but so informative. Now we really have a clear view of what this is. It’s not me finding a cute condo for myself – it’s our first home…for our family. WHOA…forget I just typed all of that, it sounded entirely too grown up for me to write.

So now – plans have changed – we’re looking more toward the end of 2009, single family home (instead of townhouse or townhouse styled condos), deck, yard, room to grow a family….WOW.

It’s all so deep.

Knowing that I’m the nerd, I found these amazing places. In fact, one of the new communities is being built LITERALLY across the street from the Boo’s basement apartment!

All in all, this is overwhelming, yet so interesting, informative, and we’re learning so much about each other.

I couldn’t think of a better person to learn all of the housing in and outs with 🙂

Weekend 3:25am Credit Check, lol

Pic – is GREAT, lol….This girl is probably going to be me in like 10 minutes, falling asleep, with my laptop on my chest, lol….

I’m trying to decide if making reservations for restaurant week was budget savvy or retarded….

Okay, so of course you know the price point is fixed, because it’s DC’s restaurant week. And for all of those who don’t know, this is cool because you can take advantage of restaurants you couldn’t/wouldn’t otherwise afford because the meals are prices below approx. $35.08 ($20.08 for lunch). So, I booked T and I for a Fondue place, thinking this is a budget’s dream. An affordable meal at a place where I probably wouldn’t go on the regular.

YAY Saving?!?!

Or….is it?

I mean, would I really be making these reservations, if it wasn’t restaurant week?

Has the “man” gotten me with his ploy of “reduced” prices….

I feel like a sucker.

Nevertheless….I’m going after T and I leave church and then later Six Flags (season’s pass – one visit price = a summer’s worth of FUN) and eventually to take part in the last day of restaurant week – yep, they got me 😦

In other news…I saw this GPS Garmin at Wal-Mart today for $169. I didn’t buy it. I still haven’t made up my mind….yet.

I made my hair appt for the Senegalese Twist I decided to get with my lack of car payment/extra income for the month. The hairdresser informed me it was going to be $220, no hair included. But I could buy hair there, 3 packs for something cheap (I can’t remember, her accent was thick and I was at work struggling to listen). I think this is a deal….I’m not sure yet.
But, I don’t have to do my hair for like two months, so I’m thinking, YES, off the top of my head, this is a deal.

I’m also dying my hair back to its natural dark black, so my braids look fresh and last longer. I’m dying it myself, so I’m saving there (I do it all of the time, kitchen beautician, lol). I only had the cost of the dye.

In other news, my credit score has gone up 30 points with Experian since I started this blog – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? I feel like it’s “the secret,” the power of positive thinking, mixed with a tad bit faith and some ACTION.

My budget – she’s coming along….I think I’ve blown the entertainment budget by about…hmmm…$200.

Ho Hum.

September is my month 😉

I’ll get it right then – that’s all for now!


It’s three am and I can’t go to sleep.
I think its’ because my mind is full, my heart is happy, my mouth is eager to speak.
But my sister is out with my other roommate and my boyfriend is sleeping.
My other roommate is out of town and my college roommate is in Virginia Beach with her boyfriend.
My SPBFF is probably sound asleep because…it is 3 am.
So I turn to one of my very best friends. My thoughts.
I realized today that I am happy with my thoughts, even though they scare me at times.
And the only reason they scare me is because they’re tinged with reality.
A reality full of favor, blessings, slight insecurities, overall exuberance, clarity and partly cloudy skies…
My last post, I exclaimed, I AM ME!
and I am 🙂 so happily me…
What a great feeling to have….even with it’s 3 am in the morning.
I think AM means, in the morning – but somethings you have to write out twice…for emphasis.
I’m happy that I am not at odds with myself. I think that true acceptance of each flaw, each quirk is the true essence of happiness….
Realizing that you may not have all of the answers, just a lot of gut feelings…
and blind faith – its enough 🙂
I think that’s all for now….
There’s so much more I could say – but some things, you have to let tickle the corners of your heart and mind only.
I’ll relish that part of me
and let no one see 🙂

This weekend’s budget cruchin’

So this weekend passed and I didn’t do anything too crazy to blow my budget.

Friday night, I asked the boo if he wanted to go out and he was like, this weekend’s going to be crazy (Saturday night, Yacht Party for the SPBFF’s boyfriend and Sunday Wedding for two College friends) so we stayed in, used our OnDemand and watched like 3 movies. We did order take-out, but that was MUCH cheaper than a night on the town in DC. Great job T for reigning us in for the evening 🙂

Saturday Morning we took the metro (cheaper than gas) into the city for the Stone Soul Picnic (FREE entertainment) with my baby sister, T’s good friend from Boy Scouts and his Fiance (this is the couple for the the Jamaica trip I referenced in my earlier postings) . Instead of buying the marked up vendor food, we went to Chipotle for lunch/dinner.

I did by a pair of Franko Sarto wedges for the party but they were on sale for 59.95 at DSW. And I almost bought another pair of brownish shoes for this wedding I was going to, but opted not to when I remembered I had a pair of brown peep toe shoes with a gold buckle that would match my dress and purse that I was bringing. I was VERY proud of ME 🙂 LOL.

I also saved by staying at my parents house (2/3rd of the way closer our venue) vs. getting a hotel in the the area. AND my two girlfriends, Ferg and Halle helped out with gas!

So – I was EXTRA on the budget grind and was MOST proud of myself.

That’s about all for now 😉