I decided to make this background green b/c….it’s all about money.

How clever?!

So – I’m extra into this blogging thing. I think I found something that’s not as consuming and permanent as a “BOOK.”

And I can write all of my random tidbits down in a way that can reach the masses…if they so choose to read.

If not – whatever, it makes me feel good ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m going to keep on doing it.

Okay, personal finances….sheesh. I really got into the idea right after I graduated college. I considered myself to be pretty financially savvy b/c I worked at a bank in high school. A credit card bank, at that! Boy…was I wrong.

I fell for the okey-doke and got one of those stupid, “I’m in college and I don’t have money, lemme get this credit card” credit cards. I charged this bad boy up to the limit and paid on it pretty good for a while. Except one summer…I didn’t get a summer job. So I stopped paying the credit card monthly payment.

Then the calls came. I was like 19 years old….I chose to ignore them. I’m thinking – “when I get a job, I’ll pay again….”

I was a genius…(I think I may have dripped some sarcasm on your keyboard)

Well…eventually, the card was UBER past due..but then I got a job and resumed paying.

Long story short, I didn’t really think about this incident again until it was time to buy a car.

My father accidently totaled my car, right after I graduated from college (he was trying to save it from the ice storm…long story, another blog).

I had a great job in Richmond Virginia, at a law firm – as a glorified data entry lady (or what they like to call a Litigation Support Specialist). Luckily, I lived at home with my parents my first 8 months out of school b/c I was bringing home a bangin’ salary of ……wait for it………$24,000/year (LOL) at the time.

I had to get a new car.

My credit was SHOT b/c of this one measily credit card from college.

Well THANK GOD for college, I got my car through this whole “Recent College Graduate” program…which gave me a brand new Mazda6, with like a 3.2% apr. Crazy, right? God is Good….

But the moral of the story is that….if I had to rely on MY actual credit score at the time…it wouldn’t have gotten jack.

I decided to turn that 19 year olds fear (the girl who wouldn’t answer the phone when the creditors called) into KNOWLEDGE.

After I got my car, I diligently began to read ever piece of financial information I could FIND on personal finances, namely credit. Since then, I’ve raised my credit score by a whopping 120 points and I’m now a proud member of the “700 and above” club ๐Ÿ™‚ Holla if you got good credit, YEE HAW! (yep…I’m lame)

I’ve more than doubled my previous salary, learned how to budget effectively, I have less than $300 worth of credit card debt and I’m well on my way to purchasing a house next year.

Here…I will write you all of my joys, stumbling blocks and everything else in between.

Here, I will blog my way to COMPLETE financial freedom ๐Ÿ™‚ a lofty task…but I’m up for it!

Come along for the ride…I promise, you’ll learn something!