I told myself today, YOU ARE AN ADULT
and I think I mean every word that I say
only its hard to fathom
because I’m stuck somewhere between
buying a house and
playing make believe.
I keep having dreams of my future sons
and how much hair my daughter’s going to have
but then I remembered how I stayed up till 2am last night
watching episodes of Baldwin Hills
and That’s So Raven.
Oh, how I laughed with my boyfriend
about how silly each character was
And during the afternoon, this past Sunday
I went to Six Flags on my season’s pass.
I bought it because I knew I would go more than 1 time
and get my money’s worth.
I’M AN ADULT, I told myself today
but I can’t wait to get home and play in the Wii
and battle my roommates in a tennis tournament.
Yeah, I have roommates…so what – what’s wrong with that??
my rent costs less than some people’s car payments
so – don’t judge me, lol..
And I went out to the dancing with my girls the other night
and watched the newest Batman movie
then I played hand clap games on the National Harbor
remembering “how to get the rhythm of the HOOOOOT DOG”
singing “down, down baby, down by the roller coaster”
WOW how long ago was that?
Not too long ago, I think to myself.
Today, I said – GIRL YOU ARE AN ADULT – as I looked in the mirror.
I pulled some curls towards my face.
put on some make-up, brushed my teeth.
put on a black skirt, fitted white top, black peep toes and gray shell earrings
grabbed my company laptop, and a bowl of fruit.
got on the elevator, hopping in my mazda6.
sped down 495
…10 minutes late.
Yep…I’m an adult 🙂
that’s what I told myself…today, as I logged onto my computer – pulled up Solitaire and got