today i you told me everything i wanted to hear
granted it wasn’t under the most normal circumstances
but that’s neither there…nor here.
you said things that i dreamed of hearing you say
not the things you just repeat
when i say it first, that day
i know you mean it even though it lacks that sounds i want to hear
that urgent yearning, wanting, needing
that sounds like the cheesy best selling romance of the year
its just that you give to me in doses
like each nugget of your affection
is special to me like those roses
that I dried, the first ones you gave to me, valentines day
i didn’t expect anything from you that day
forgive me if each of your words taste like honey to me
the sounds of your voice sweet like heaven to me
i crave listening to your heart beat
playing with your size 14 feet
falling asleep on your chest, in your arms, in our world
babe i need to hear you say it one more time
before I go to sleep
maybe you didn’t realize it was this deep
for me to hear you say it the way I wanna hear it said
wanna climb into your bed
or have you sing to me
even if you forget the words
see you dance for me
take me outta here, into your world
you can’t just give it to me once
and not expect me to become a fiend
of those precious timeless words that
you show me how much i mean
to you in the most special way
i don’t care what time of day
just say to me
what you know I love to hear
anything from the heart
the things I treasure…moments I hold dear 😉
I rhymed..ha ha