SO i was told that needed to update my blog the other day. the thing with me is, if i’m not inspired, I usually cannot write. it has to be this thing, like this thing that wakes me up from my sleep and no matter how much I try to fight it, i have to get up and write. its usually one word. i don’t write it out, like they used to teach you in elementary school and make a word map (remember those with the clouds and stuff). i don’t make an outline, but when it’s done, it looks like i tried to organize it some type of way…only i didn’t. the one thought usually comes out structured, when its all said and done.
SO today…i have not pressing thoughts. not ones that make me wanna get up and write.
but my mind it filled with a bunch of stuff. sometimes the stuff is so complex, i don’t want to write it. perhaps I’m embarrassed for people to see the everyday thoughts in my mind. i think because i think they’re not good enough to write in this blog. if i’m going to publish my post, it has to be good stuff.
SO i wait until its an urging in my spirit, until the writing it so big it can’t contain itself in my head or the thoughts are so profound that they have to go somewhere. maybe i’m scared that my regular musing won’t get received or perhaps my random thoughts may offend someone. i think because the things I think of everyday is how i hate going to work. don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate my job. i’m blessed to have my job. its a great job. and i get paid good money..but what if I don’t want to GO?
SO you see my everyday thoughts are full of who established this system of working 5 days a week? and how come everyone’s scared to ask my supervisor can we telework for one day out of the week, especially since it’s corporate policy. general litigation is busy…but shoot, i can do some of this crap on a home pc. trust me. and then my other thoughts are how come I don’t have enough dresses? every time i go to the store, i buy at least 3…so how come I’ve ran out today and i have to wear dress slacks?? i hate pants in the summer time. why can’t i bum it up with my boyfriend today? and how come our titles both say we’re analysts? who made up that term and did they do it to make us feel better about our positions? i mean seriously…what the heck is a systems analyst or a legal analyst?

and who cares…