silly silly groupie…don’t you understand?
that losing your self worth is more expensive than that autograph on your hand??
some women would do anything to be a man’s priority
your nothing more than an option in his “potential bed post notch” category
i’m tired of raising the bar
and trying to show him how a lady conducts herself
if she had a bit of integrity
and an ounce of self worth
the question I want to propose to you
is how do you feel after he’s had his hands all over you?
and then never calls you? texts you, unless he wants you to come through??
and God forbid it be at a normal hour like 7 in the evening
and he asks you out on a date so yall be can seen out in public.
naw he wants you to come over, chill – watch tv, so yall can “connect”
i’m sure that’s exactly what he wants to do
get to know you
with the lights off
and figure out exactly who you are – through and through…
don’t you get tired of putting yourself out there
only to find you ain’t the only one?
that’s he’s been running this same tired lame game
in fact, it’s easier when he doesn’t refer to you by name
he just calls you boo, baby, or honey
maybe it would be more real to you if you exchange an act for money…
at least then you could benefit from the transaction
instead of him slowly breaking down your spirit each time he gets some “backseat action”
i’ma stop pulpitting for a second and just let this breath
i’m just so sick of you writing foolishness on your myspace page
thinking you’ve won…like you’ve got the ultimate trick up your sleeve
silly silly groupie…give it a rest
you’re not happy in your present state – your lifestyle is a mess..
stop shouting out the haters and doing inappropriate picture poses
we’re all hip to your game…everything’s not coming up roses..

ha ha…
a lot of that rhymed

i’m done