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If I had to describe the way I feel about things – this would be the perfect explanation of my emotions…madness coupled with reason…does that make sense?
If you strip away the past and all of the things you’ve been thru and I’ve been thru – wouldn’t everything be perfect? wouldn’t they make sense? but when you add life and complexities to the situation – you get just that…a situation vs. a relationship.
Instead of this being a love story, it just becomes an intense, passionate SITUATION…can situations become permanent fixtures? Or does the word itself imply a fleeting desire….
I want to know what this means – but I’m enjoying the confusion 🙂 The chaos of me and you or the lack of me and you is exhilarating…its that storybook torrid affair and we’re not on the last chapter yet…which is good b/c I don’t wanna know how it ends. I just wanna enjoy being confused with you…making sense of things – being responsible is what I’ve done for the past 7 years.
and I’m only 23…
I just wanna be reckless and free and chaotic – with you…is that wrong?
I’m only 23….
who wants commitment when you have passion? who wants to meet the family when I’ve been formally introduced to your soul?
I mean, shoot – I’m only 23…
who wants a ring when I have your wit, your charisma and your laughter? who wants to be responsible when I can just be spontaneous – with you?
what have I got to lose – I’m just 23…
I just wanna get lost in your mind and relish in the fact that I don’t understand exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it – I just wanna know that I’m doing it – with you…