Current mood: blessed
He’s such an afterthought to me
Hey where’s so and so
Who? Are you asking me…seriously?
Haven’t even spoken for quite some time
And each day I go through the motions
Promise you – he’s NOT on my mind
For some reason you look at me in shock
Like it’s hard for you to believe
That I could be so completely happy
As though my heart should be bleeding
That you assumed you would see it
On my sleeve
Hardly pumping and gasping for air
Like on some type of life support
Surprised that you would think that I would care
I feel like this question is a joke
Didn’t I tell you I would be okay
Like my girl Chrisette said
With her tall boots
Walking high
And her purse on her inner elbow crease
Big hips switching side to side
That’s who I channeling
When I’m thinking “to the left, to the left”
I ain’t even on the bitter stuff
I just wish you would stop with this
Incessant, constant question asking
This badgering… This probing…
I’m good, I’m promise you…
I told you I would be…
I’m on my mobile facebook – updating my status…
JUST….Soooooooooooooooooooooo happy
Sweet on something new
Focused on MY Business
Streams of income to field my destiny
Shopping to UP my game
Stylin in some new demin
Wearing peep toe pumps with tights
Writing out my dreams in an endless sea of blogs
Afterthoughts – exactly – I can’t even remember
What did you ask me a second ago?
My calendar’s open – stop talking to me about THAT September