Current mood: pissed off
racism still exists in 2007…but it’s covert, people make random statements and you’re just supposed to accept it b/c it’s not balantly in your face. people mistake my sweet, sunny disposition and think that if you come outta your mouth sideways, i’m not going to say anything….dead wrong my dear. i don’t really care that we kicked it at a happy hour or two or that you’ve told me about some issues you had in the past. you will never disrespect my father, my brothers, my friends and my black males in front of my face and think i won’t check you on it. past or not, there’s no excuse for stereotyping and i’ll be _____ if you’re going to say something about black men to ME and think you’re going to get away with it. i’m not the one. people think just b/c a level of comfort has been established that you can all of the sudden say whatever you want. listen here, i’m not a woman first….i’m a BLACK woman first and don’t you ever forget that. i will have undying loyalty to my fathers/brothers/and men of intergity and you will NOT put them into any box and come outta your mouth any type of way with me. people think b/c i put on my ‘workplace’ persona that i’m not still erika from richmond va. you want to see some ignorance? b/c i can show you how ignorant a negro like me can get….

or i won’t…i’ll just answer you and shut your ignorance butt down INTELLIGENTLY….
and show you how a BLACK woman with CLASS handles the stupidity that is YOU!