So..LIFE – is coming at me at WARP speed – I mean, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?? When did we become adults?
I swear – people keep trying to make me 24 – but dangnit – my birthday’s NOT for another month…so stop trying to age me, lol…
The other day – I looked at one of my mentee’s myspace page and it had some provocative lyrics on it…so I saw him and I was like, “I’m going to beat you for having those grown lyrics on your page” and he was like, “E – I’m 19 years old” and I was like, “HUH??? WHATT??? When the heck did this happen????!!!!” I could’ve sworn this dude was still in high school – but no…he was seriously grown, with a job and I was utterly confused and baffled as to WHEN this all happened?
I mean – my baby sister is daggone 20 years old now!! She’s talking about grad school! WHAT?? When did she become an adult???
And my other mentee is like writing poems about men breaking her heart!?? When did she get a heart? When did she get a MAN!?!?
When did I become a “mentor??” When did I start caring about elections and taxes? I mean, YES, I was a political science major…but all of that wasn’t real – Like I really care now b/c my pockets and my life are affected. And since when did I care about people’s feelings – so much so that I wanted to DO something to help improve their quality of life…just so they would be happier and realize their dreams and goals?
and why can’t I stop loving people? even when I really really really want to?
when did I become heath conscious?
when did my parents become my “friends?”
when did my friends become my brothers and sisters? Why do I love them like we were blood relatives?? why would I fight for them if someone/something ever tried to harm them??
when did I start working on cases that would change people’s lives – and when did I start traveling for work – who in the heck gave me a business expense account or a corporate visa??
when did I start thinking about what I said before I said it…when I did start forgiving those who hurt me in the past?
how come looks and dress aren’t the only things that appeal to me any more?
when did I start looking past the package and into the heart of a man?
when did I realize that “cool” people are really the “wack” people and the “quirky” people are really the “cool” ones??
when did I realize that writing helped me to express the feelings in etched in the corner of my heart?
when did I figure out that dancing is a necessary release and music is a passion that will never be quenched?
who told me that the greatest person in the world is one who’s responsible with their feelings and the feelings of others?when did I become a woman, instead of a girl – where did college go and how come I didn’t realize that I was in the real world – until just now??