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You can just write me a love note and tell me how you feel. Because that connect between you and me is fueled by the fact that you’re Intelligent, Youthful and Adaptable and I’m Determined, Emotional, Passionate and Exciting and together – what you get when you mix that up is a love note from me to you that says simple things like hey. boo. i. miss. you. just. thinking. about. you. you. can. call. if. you. have. some. free. time. when. are. you. coming. through. it’s. been. so. long. I. can’t. wait. to. see. you.
You can just call me in the middle of the day to say hey when you get a break because that connect between me and you is something that needs to be expressed thru acts. and thru things that don’t mean that much to the average jane or joe. sometimes just to say hey. you. I. was. just. thinking. about. you. and. I. decided. to. call. just. to. say. hey. how’s. your. day. what. you. working. on. working. hard. or. hardly. working. i. gotta. go. and. get. back. to. what. I. was. doing. have. a. good. day. I’ll. call. you. later.
You can just write me a love note….