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Love happens at the craziest times…with the craziest people. And a lot of times there’s really nothing you can do to control it. As much as logic tells you that this cannot happen, at least not right now and not with this person, your heart tends to have a mind of it’s own. It’s own logic..the logic that bascially makes no sense..whatevers the opposite of “right.”
At least maybe that’s how my heart works…
It tends to find love in the most complicated, unreasonable situations. It finds love in the things that don’t quite know how to love themselves. My heart tries to help and nurture it and to allow it to see that they are worth loving..even if its them learning to love themselves. And maybe my heart believes that everything – if its loved properly will eventually realize their full potential.
I mean – Logically – I cannot teach with my love what hasn’t been taught to them through life experiences or upbringing. Unless someone really ready to learn….I’m not into “missionary” loving…trying to “save” someone from themselves.
Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo.