Current mood: refreshed Category: Life
Could I look into those brown eyes every morning?
i think i could
b/c at least with you, i know that despite whatever’s going on outside or around – you will always take care of me
just like i wanna take care of you and be that wifey type that prays with you each Sunday – shoot, everyday…and kisses you on your nose and eyelids each night – shoot, and every morning…
Could I see myself as your other half?
i think i could
b/c you know the delicate thin line between being firm and gentle with me and you know which ways to push me and when to tell me to stop and how to motivate me; even when you need motivating yourself
just like i yearn to push you into higher heights and deeper depths and be that down chick who’s sweet and loving but gets sassy with you when you try to act like you don’t have no sense
Could i love you for the rest of my life?
i think i could
b/c you love hard and passionately, and i know that you would do whatever it was in your power to make me happy
just like i would do the same for you b/c when you hurt, I feel your pain and I just want to take it all away from you
it’s not that I think it, it’s really that I know what a life would be like with you
i know how it feels to lay in your arms and talk about everything and nothing
and i know what its like for you to complete my thoughts with a kiss and
how it feels to really be my self, goofy and happy and joking and love how it
feels to know that you get me and laugh too even when i say the craziest things
at the most inopportune time and how i stick to my guns on things even when my
body tries to betray me and how you don’t ever, haven’t ever pushed me to do anything
that I don’t want to do and i just love the way you make me feel and the way I feel when i’m
with you sorta like everything is just going to be okay or more like its just you and I that exist
in the world and it don’t really matter what goes on as long as I can be with you – who cares
you just make me feel so good inside and outside that i don’t really care what
happens as long as I can
wake up to you every morning
i think i could