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I remember the first day I looked at you and saw you for you really were. You just got a fresh haircut and you’re goatee was freshly trimmed. I thought… Hmm – he looks handsome tonight. I remember the butterflies I felt when I walked though my apartment lobby and the click clack of my high boots. I saw my reflection in the mirror and thought to myself – okay….looking good girl. And I smiled. Then wondered did you see me smile? Shoot…I probably looked sorta goofy, smiling to myself and no ones around. Is he looking at me walking towards this glass door? Perhaps I need to try to look cool. Maybe I can switch my hips a bit more….if he’s looking….and make it look like I walk like this all of the time. I bet I’m smiling again – laughing at myself. Time to open the door. Is he going to get out of the car?? You do. Crap – what to say? Hi! How are you? You say, you look nice… Thanks – you got your hair cut! I like it like this. We hug. I’m nervous. He’s so tall. I feel small with you. Like you can beat up the world. Like no one will harm me…ha ha. He better open my door –next thought. You don’t hesitate. I CLIMB in the Suburban. I wonder how he drives this thing. How much is gas?? Uh oh – Am I supposed to unlock the door for him? I watch you walk around your car. Oh…it’s already unlocked… whew! I’m not too good at this type of stuff. You get in…I remember you smelled like fresh laundry. No cologne. That’s not really your style. You thumb through about 800 bootleg Cds. I think to myself, if he was my boyfriend, I would get him an ipod. We drive to the movie theatre. Some smooth R&B plays in the background. This is kinda romantic – I think…sorta sappy too. What to say, what to say. We make jokes, small talk and such about life, work and the rest. Where is your coat, he asks when we arrive. Its WARM outside! Like 70 degrees! I exclaim. He’s wearing a big peacoat. He looks handsome. I feel small again. I like feeling like that. We walk into the theatre AND do something cheap like show them our college ids. It’s only a $1 off. But it’s worth it. You asks if I’m hungry. It’s the first date – no eating allowed…lol No, I say. We go into an empty theatre and you make some sorta corny joke about where do I wanna sit. It’s funny – I like goofy guys. Shoot – I’m still nervous. Does this end?? The nervousness, I mean. Not the date. The dates cool – he’s fun, I think as we walk dead center in the middle of the theatre….ohh, here comes that seating part. The new fangled theatres have the armrest to pull up. Is he going to pull it up? And make our seats – LOVE seats?? LOL Dang, he does it before he even sits!! He already had it planned out – lol Hmm – how should I sit next to him? Is he really going to eat all of those pretzel bites? I hope his breath doesn’t stink. I find a good place to sit. Not too close, not too far. You say something – you’re breath smells warm…but not stinky. I can deal with it. Ummm – okay, this movies’ weird. We both look at each other and laugh – he pulls me close to him… I fall into his arms. You fall into my heart.