Current mood: anxious Category: Life
2 years ago I had the answers – at least I thought I did…
but on a night like tonight, after everyone’s asked you all about your past and your present – it sorta makes you wonder – what is the future?
I didn’t think I was supposed to have all of the answers – in fact, I know that I’m not supposed to.
people got me wondering if what I know is incorrect – loyalty got me questioning if I’m doing what’s right
my sense of independence has me running from commitment – my intuition’s got me wondering if…I’m making the right decision
my foundation’s starting to doubt the things that I say – but it doesn’t know me as a woman, just a little girl who used to lie to get out of tight spots.
it’s never seen me as an adult, so I guess I can’t blame it much for not knowing me as such…
the f-u-t-u-r-e seems so uncertain, yet full of all types of possiblities…that I know I can fulfill if I just get outta my own way
start being my biggest cheerleader, do some things for me, don’t let commitment and loyalty scare me into being somebody I don’t want to be. don’t let my intuition down and never compromise me for anybody…never allow my foundation to shift so that everything built upon that rock will stand