Current mood: creative

Good enough to be a “wifey,” refined enough to take to your company Christmas party, down enough to be with you – even if you’re on the “come up,” bourgie enough that you’ll learn something new when you hang out, fly enough to be on your arm if you’re trying to impress someone, caring enough to pray you through your hardest times, fun enough to make your boyz laugh, sweet enough to do and say those extra things to make a man smile, cool enough to be your best friend, social enough to know what’s what and who’s who, chill enough to know that most of the time that stuff doesn’t even matter, connected enough to make her net “work,” educated enough to get any job she wants, pretty enough to accentuate her beauty, intelligent enough to know how to showcase where her REAL value lies, spunky enough to not back down from you, perceptive enough to know when it’s time to shut up, exposed enough to cry in front of you, brave enough to have your back, supportive enough to take care of business – whether you ask for it or not, tough enough to let you fall a little bit if it means you’re going to learn a valuable lesson, respectful enough to introduce to your moms, sassy enough to get along with your sister, soft enough to smile “just because,” girly enough to write in pink bubble letters, independent enough to know that she doesn’t NEED you, vulnerable enough to see that she’d rather not be without you…. I am “THAT” girl 🙂