Each written work possesses a back story.
Its own set of tears or smiles
a particular set of circumstances
its individual place in time.

I find myself reliving each moment
triumphant in each victory
crushed with every downfall
enamored with every happy ending.

1095 days of my life
the ages of 22 to 25
marked with every pivotal emotion
each public in their posting
private in their occurrence.

i wrote to keep my sanity
i wrote to rejoice
i wrote to explain my confusion
i wrote to tell you off
i wrote until my fingers hurt
i wrote when i couldn’t sleep
i wrote when i loved
i wrote when i hated
i wrote to write
i wrote to pray
i wrote to read
read me
get me
get him
get rid of him
get into me
get into God
God get him to me
so i can
learn him
know him
love him
love me
love him loving me
love me loving him
love learning love
loving correctly
correcting me
correcting him
in love
walk beside him
him beside me
i write
i wrote
i wrote him
i dreamed him
i’m dreaming
i’m writing
i’m living

my dream 🙂

happy anniversary T…