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I made a major decision, sometime last week (I think). My goal of 2009 is to have a house before the year ends. PERIOD. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I decided to stake my claim and write out my vision.

Of course, the first person I told about this was T. LOL. T’s my boo, in case anyone didn’t know.

He seemed fairly happy for me, proud of me and all of that jazz.

Afterwards, I told my SPBFF (spiritual best friend forever, lol) Lil’ D and one of my roommates, Fergalicious (names have been changed to protect the innocent….or not, lol).

Then I told my favorite person to talk about all things financial – DADDY-O!

My dad’s a realtor, so this was actually a great conversation to have with him. He spoke to me in his usual Church Hill slang (RICHMOND, STAND UP!) about how I need not try to furnish my whole house as soon as I get it; how I need to rent out rooms to people or as he called it “git me a coupla tenants.” Ohh…I love my daddy. He got so randomly off topic – yet kinda sorta on topic, but eventually he turned the convo around and talked about me being a first time homeowner and all of the wonderful benefits I will get as a result. He ended the convo asking me, “yo gon‘ let me write yo house up, right?!”

OF COURSE Romey-Rome!

He was proud of me…and that made me happy.

I started watching, “So you think you can dance” with Fergalicious the other night and were busy chatting out how we’re both buying our new homes next year, when our lease is up. She mentioned how her parents were going to invest with her. I thought that was coolio.

I was going to do it all myself. Or so I thought…

My boo had a different idea….I was emailing him all types of condos and floor models, when he just said, babe – are you looking for YOU or us?

I’m like…me, this is a goal I wanted for myself and I didn’t know whether it fit into your timeline, or our timeline…or not??

A bit of background – T and I are soul mates…we’re getting married and we both know this. We talked about this…parents have met. My mom calls him “son,” everyone knows it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. With that being said, even though we’re uberly connected…I’m not trying to spoil the SURPRISE! I don’t wanna know when, where or with what…I just know the “question’s” going to get popped sometime probably within the next 12 months (LOL).

I guess its safe to assume we’re going to be engaged by this time, next year – but who wants to assume that? And look like a LOSER, if it doesn’t go as expected. Not I, says the cat, so better to keep my original goals intact and if he so happens to happily interrupt me, cool beans – I’m on board 🙂

T was like, listen here crazy girl…your “house” dream fits in my timeline of being your husband. Which basically reads: let’s look together, retard!

Again – I try not to ask anymore questions…but now I know, to stop looking for cheaper condos and start looking for a cute little townhouse with a garage. YIPPEE!

I try to keep all of this in mind and I start talking to Fergi and then BAM! this advertisement for these GREAT homes comes up on TV…YAAAHOOO!!! I exclaim and start looking. Perfect location, perfect price, perfect homes!! So Fergtastic and I are going to go look at these bad boys tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I tell my Spbff about the website. She’s super psyched, as I knew she would be…she’s always happy for me lol, and she stakes her claim on one of the bedrooms of our “new house.” Gotta love her…

I do hear Poppa Rome in the back of my mind though. Daddy-o says that we should start looking SERIOUSLY 2-3 months before our lease is up. SOOO – I figured I’m probably being extra right now. But I wanna know what I can and cannot afford, what I like, what I want, just EVERYTHING!

I want to get my feet wet 🙂

The major thing I’m going to do it prioritize – maintain credit balances of 10% and below. Save, save and SAVE! My job gives a benefit of $12,000 in closing costs. I’m trying to have at least 10% of my OWN money saved to put down as a down payment.

Since my rent is DIRT cheap (I have two roommates) this is something I can easily accomplish. Okay…maybe not easily. I can accomplish it with a bit of discipline.

A subject not foreign to me, so I think I can handle it.

Anywho – I’ll keep you posted on how it went (the open house that is) since I’m going tomorrow.

OH – I cannot wait to see 🙂



I decided to make this background green b/c….it’s all about money.

How clever?!

So – I’m extra into this blogging thing. I think I found something that’s not as consuming and permanent as a “BOOK.”

And I can write all of my random tidbits down in a way that can reach the masses…if they so choose to read.

If not – whatever, it makes me feel good 🙂 So I’m going to keep on doing it.

Okay, personal finances….sheesh. I really got into the idea right after I graduated college. I considered myself to be pretty financially savvy b/c I worked at a bank in high school. A credit card bank, at that! Boy…was I wrong.

I fell for the okey-doke and got one of those stupid, “I’m in college and I don’t have money, lemme get this credit card” credit cards. I charged this bad boy up to the limit and paid on it pretty good for a while. Except one summer…I didn’t get a summer job. So I stopped paying the credit card monthly payment.

Then the calls came. I was like 19 years old….I chose to ignore them. I’m thinking – “when I get a job, I’ll pay again….”

I was a genius…(I think I may have dripped some sarcasm on your keyboard)

Well…eventually, the card was UBER past due..but then I got a job and resumed paying.

Long story short, I didn’t really think about this incident again until it was time to buy a car.

My father accidently totaled my car, right after I graduated from college (he was trying to save it from the ice storm…long story, another blog).

I had a great job in Richmond Virginia, at a law firm – as a glorified data entry lady (or what they like to call a Litigation Support Specialist). Luckily, I lived at home with my parents my first 8 months out of school b/c I was bringing home a bangin’ salary of ……wait for it………$24,000/year (LOL) at the time.

I had to get a new car.

My credit was SHOT b/c of this one measily credit card from college.

Well THANK GOD for college, I got my car through this whole “Recent College Graduate” program…which gave me a brand new Mazda6, with like a 3.2% apr. Crazy, right? God is Good….

But the moral of the story is that….if I had to rely on MY actual credit score at the time…it wouldn’t have gotten jack.

I decided to turn that 19 year olds fear (the girl who wouldn’t answer the phone when the creditors called) into KNOWLEDGE.

After I got my car, I diligently began to read ever piece of financial information I could FIND on personal finances, namely credit. Since then, I’ve raised my credit score by a whopping 120 points and I’m now a proud member of the “700 and above” club 🙂 Holla if you got good credit, YEE HAW! (yep…I’m lame)

I’ve more than doubled my previous salary, learned how to budget effectively, I have less than $300 worth of credit card debt and I’m well on my way to purchasing a house next year.

Here…I will write you all of my joys, stumbling blocks and everything else in between.

Here, I will blog my way to COMPLETE financial freedom 🙂 a lofty task…but I’m up for it!

Come along for the ride…I promise, you’ll learn something!

baby do those things…

today i you told me everything i wanted to hear
granted it wasn’t under the most normal circumstances
but that’s neither there…nor here.
you said things that i dreamed of hearing you say
not the things you just repeat
when i say it first, that day
i know you mean it even though it lacks that sounds i want to hear
that urgent yearning, wanting, needing
that sounds like the cheesy best selling romance of the year
its just that you give to me in doses
like each nugget of your affection
is special to me like those roses
that I dried, the first ones you gave to me, valentines day
i didn’t expect anything from you that day
forgive me if each of your words taste like honey to me
the sounds of your voice sweet like heaven to me
i crave listening to your heart beat
playing with your size 14 feet
falling asleep on your chest, in your arms, in our world
babe i need to hear you say it one more time
before I go to sleep
maybe you didn’t realize it was this deep
for me to hear you say it the way I wanna hear it said
wanna climb into your bed
or have you sing to me
even if you forget the words
see you dance for me
take me outta here, into your world
you can’t just give it to me once
and not expect me to become a fiend
of those precious timeless words that
you show me how much i mean
to you in the most special way
i don’t care what time of day
just say to me
what you know I love to hear
anything from the heart
the things I treasure…moments I hold dear 😉
I rhymed..ha ha

When I grow up….

I told myself today, YOU ARE AN ADULT
and I think I mean every word that I say
only its hard to fathom
because I’m stuck somewhere between
buying a house and
playing make believe.
I keep having dreams of my future sons
and how much hair my daughter’s going to have
but then I remembered how I stayed up till 2am last night
watching episodes of Baldwin Hills
and That’s So Raven.
Oh, how I laughed with my boyfriend
about how silly each character was
And during the afternoon, this past Sunday
I went to Six Flags on my season’s pass.
I bought it because I knew I would go more than 1 time
and get my money’s worth.
I’M AN ADULT, I told myself today
but I can’t wait to get home and play in the Wii
and battle my roommates in a tennis tournament.
Yeah, I have roommates…so what – what’s wrong with that??
my rent costs less than some people’s car payments
so – don’t judge me, lol..
And I went out to the dancing with my girls the other night
and watched the newest Batman movie
then I played hand clap games on the National Harbor
remembering “how to get the rhythm of the HOOOOOT DOG”
singing “down, down baby, down by the roller coaster”
WOW how long ago was that?
Not too long ago, I think to myself.
Today, I said – GIRL YOU ARE AN ADULT – as I looked in the mirror.
I pulled some curls towards my face.
put on some make-up, brushed my teeth.
put on a black skirt, fitted white top, black peep toes and gray shell earrings
grabbed my company laptop, and a bowl of fruit.
got on the elevator, hopping in my mazda6.
sped down 495
…10 minutes late.
Yep…I’m an adult 🙂
that’s what I told myself…today, as I logged onto my computer – pulled up Solitaire and got

regular musings….

SO i was told that needed to update my blog the other day. the thing with me is, if i’m not inspired, I usually cannot write. it has to be this thing, like this thing that wakes me up from my sleep and no matter how much I try to fight it, i have to get up and write. its usually one word. i don’t write it out, like they used to teach you in elementary school and make a word map (remember those with the clouds and stuff). i don’t make an outline, but when it’s done, it looks like i tried to organize it some type of way…only i didn’t. the one thought usually comes out structured, when its all said and done.
SO today…i have not pressing thoughts. not ones that make me wanna get up and write.
but my mind it filled with a bunch of stuff. sometimes the stuff is so complex, i don’t want to write it. perhaps I’m embarrassed for people to see the everyday thoughts in my mind. i think because i think they’re not good enough to write in this blog. if i’m going to publish my post, it has to be good stuff.
SO i wait until its an urging in my spirit, until the writing it so big it can’t contain itself in my head or the thoughts are so profound that they have to go somewhere. maybe i’m scared that my regular musing won’t get received or perhaps my random thoughts may offend someone. i think because the things I think of everyday is how i hate going to work. don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate my job. i’m blessed to have my job. its a great job. and i get paid good money..but what if I don’t want to GO?
SO you see my everyday thoughts are full of who established this system of working 5 days a week? and how come everyone’s scared to ask my supervisor can we telework for one day out of the week, especially since it’s corporate policy. general litigation is busy…but shoot, i can do some of this crap on a home pc. trust me. and then my other thoughts are how come I don’t have enough dresses? every time i go to the store, i buy at least 3…so how come I’ve ran out today and i have to wear dress slacks?? i hate pants in the summer time. why can’t i bum it up with my boyfriend today? and how come our titles both say we’re analysts? who made up that term and did they do it to make us feel better about our positions? i mean seriously…what the heck is a systems analyst or a legal analyst?

and who cares…

1095 Days

Each written work possesses a back story.
Its own set of tears or smiles
a particular set of circumstances
its individual place in time.

I find myself reliving each moment
triumphant in each victory
crushed with every downfall
enamored with every happy ending.

1095 days of my life
the ages of 22 to 25
marked with every pivotal emotion
each public in their posting
private in their occurrence.

i wrote to keep my sanity
i wrote to rejoice
i wrote to explain my confusion
i wrote to tell you off
i wrote until my fingers hurt
i wrote when i couldn’t sleep
i wrote when i loved
i wrote when i hated
i wrote to write
i wrote to pray
i wrote to read
read me
get me
get him
get rid of him
get into me
get into God
God get him to me
so i can
learn him
know him
love him
love me
love him loving me
love me loving him
love learning love
loving correctly
correcting me
correcting him
in love
walk beside him
him beside me
i write
i wrote
i wrote him
i dreamed him
i’m dreaming
i’m writing
i’m living

my dream 🙂

happy anniversary T…


Current mood: blessed
He’s such an afterthought to me
Hey where’s so and so
Who? Are you asking me…seriously?
Haven’t even spoken for quite some time
And each day I go through the motions
Promise you – he’s NOT on my mind
For some reason you look at me in shock
Like it’s hard for you to believe
That I could be so completely happy
As though my heart should be bleeding
That you assumed you would see it
On my sleeve
Hardly pumping and gasping for air
Like on some type of life support
Surprised that you would think that I would care
I feel like this question is a joke
Didn’t I tell you I would be okay
Like my girl Chrisette said
With her tall boots
Walking high
And her purse on her inner elbow crease
Big hips switching side to side
That’s who I channeling
When I’m thinking “to the left, to the left”
I ain’t even on the bitter stuff
I just wish you would stop with this
Incessant, constant question asking
This badgering… This probing…
I’m good, I’m promise you…
I told you I would be…
I’m on my mobile facebook – updating my status…
JUST….Soooooooooooooooooooooo happy
Sweet on something new
Focused on MY Business
Streams of income to field my destiny
Shopping to UP my game
Stylin in some new demin
Wearing peep toe pumps with tights
Writing out my dreams in an endless sea of blogs
Afterthoughts – exactly – I can’t even remember
What did you ask me a second ago?
My calendar’s open – stop talking to me about THAT September